Eco Design Stoves

Snuggle ECO stoves are certified according to the new ECO 2022 design regulations – ensuring you will not only have a super efficient heating source, you will also have an environmentally friendly solution, as these stoves meet even the most rigorous environmental requirements.
The eco-design stoves air supply is solely drawn in and regulated by the sliding controls on the front. This advanced air intake design makes the stove adaptable for a direct air feed which is perfect for new homes.
They have an advanced secondary/tertiary clean burn system. On more advanced units like this one, it is common to have the air fed in from the rear and continue under the fire, over the fire (secondary burn) and over the glass to help keep it clean and clear (air wash system). The secondary burn feature is a real advantage as this re-burns the initial gases and smoke produced from the fire. This means you are getting every ounce of heat from your fuel, and in turn will save you filling the stove up as often, saving you money and time on fuel.
Snuggle eco-design stoves are all fully precision welded construction that includes thick body, thick top and heavy cast iron doors. We are so confident of its quality that we offer a 4 year guarantee, something that is not offered on any other stove around this price bracket.
The Snuggle eco-design range use 5″(125mm) diameter top and rear flue outlet which can be used with 5″ diameter flue liner or twin wall flue.